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Geyser System | Non-Heated


Introducing a hot, portable shower solution to elevate all of your outdoor adventures. Clean yourself, your gear, and the dishes using less than 1 gallon of water – no need to pressurize.

Our cutting edge technology uses 10x less water and is 2x lighter than any other portable shower out there, so you can clean up your footprint on multiple levels.

Don’t worry about running out of water and cutting your trip short! Liberate yourself and your camp from gunky gear, grimy sleeping bags and backcountry body odor. Never return home dirty again. Hot. Clean. Off the Grid.


  • This model does not include a built-in water heater. For a hot shower, use in conjunction with your camp stove. See additional information below or check out our how-to video.


To set up a hot shower, add 2 liters of cold water and 1 liter of boiling water from your camp kitchen—your shower will be ready in as few as 5 minutes.

Ergonomic control valve lets you choose your water flow rate.

  • At the lowest setting, you can scrub / rinse your gear clean of mud & grime (~15 min).
  • At the medium setting, enjoy a revitalizing body wash and shower (7 min).
  • Got plenty of water? Detach the scrub to use the spray nozzle for a direct blast. Perfect for rinsing long hair at the end of a shower. (1 min).

Advanced pump technology provides reliable, consistent water flow from beginning to end no matter which setting you choose—no pressurization needed.

Intuitive LED dashboard lets you know when the water is hot and ready to use.

Water level sensor lets you know when you have ~10% water remaining. Time to wrap it up or top it off!

Replaceable Geyser Scrub sponge features a coarse side for tough grime and a soft side for general cleaning and sensitive skin.

Additional Scrubs are available in 3 colors to help you organize your campsite, e.g. green for him, yellow for her, pink for the dishes. Additional Scrubs sold separately.

5 foot quick-connect hose line makes hard-to-reach areas accessible.

16 foot power cord lets you keep messy puddles away from your vehicle.

Power by connecting the included 12V power cord into your vehicle's 12V DC socket (engine must be running when in use) or connect to a deep cycle battery (battery and jumper cables not included).

Hose line, Scrubs and power cord fit inside of the water container for easy storage.


Assembled with Gratitude & Pride in Montrose, CO, USA.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 41 cm
Washing Time

1 minute at highest flow rate, 15 minutes at lowest flow rate

Operating Modes

Pump, Off

Voltage Requirements

12V DC

Pumping Current Requirements

2.5-3.1 Amps

Heating Current Requirements


Heating Rate


Heat Time


°F Range for Safe Pump Operation

35° – 112°F

°F Range Shuts Off Heating System


°F Range Disables the Pump

113° – 133°F and Above


0.8 Gallons (3 Liters)


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