Geyser Systems Relocates Headquarters & Manufacturing From Austin, Texas To Montrose, Colorado

Water-optimizing startup launches in rural Colorado thanks to Gunnison’s Catapult Accelerator, Active Interest Media, Outdoor Industry Association, OEDIT’s Rural Jumpstart Program, Gunnison Community Capital Group, Region 10 Bank, Colorado Lending Source, MEDC, and city of Montrose.

Montrose, Colorado – Feb 6th, 2020 — Geyser Systems today announced its relocation of its headquarters and manufacturing to Montrose, Colorado. This milestone involves more than fulfilling its mission to redefine adventure with hot portable showers that use less than 1 gallon of water.

This news comes in the wake of many recent accomplishments that it shares with local and state level stakeholders:

  • Completed the 1st cohort of the Catapult Accelerator in Gunnison
  • Approved for Colorado’s OEDIT Rural Jumpstart incentives
  • Received $200k in local and county incentives from the city of Montrose, Colorado
  • Exclusively launching its first flagship product in REI CO-OP this spring.

 “Texas was a great start, but it doesn’t come close to the cohesive, creative, and committed community in Colorado’s Western Slopes,” says Jonathan, founder and CEO of Geyser Technologies. “We believe that great leaders leave greater leaders behind. Our shining crew of eight will only grow brighter with our industry and community partnerships” 

The state of Colorado is excited that Geyser Systems has chosen to relocate to Colorado and, particularly, Montrose. It’s a reflection on the direction of both the city and the brand. Geyser Systems is so much more than just an innovative product for the outdoor recreation community. It’s invested in creating good paying jobs in rural Colorado. It’s also applying its technology around the world in creating positive change for developing countries, addressing the public health crisis, and supporting disaster relief efforts domestically and abroad. For all those reasons, I think Geyser is a great fit for Colorado.– Nathan Fey, Director of Colorado Office Of Outdoor Recreation Industry

It is rewarding to see a hypothesis come to life, as it has with Geyser Systems. We built the OR Accelerator with the idea that it could work to support Colorado startups while attracting others from anywhere in the country. As part of this, we believed that the companies we attracted would want to set their roots in Colorado’s rural places and that OR startups would align with the cultural values and become part of the fabric of the community. Along these lines, Geyser Systems is a winning story to an early idea that we tested at the ICELab.” – Delaney Keating, Managing Director of Colorado Startup

“In our first year of launching the ICELab Catapult Outdoor Industry Accelerator, it is incredibly exciting to see the reception that the participating companies received from the industry and from important retailers and partners.  Even more exciting is that through this process, Geyser Systems learned more about Colorado, and it’s amazing outdoor recreation economy, and decided to relocate their company to Montrose. With an over $18 billion dollar outdoor recreation economy and a state office of Outdoor Recreation it is amazing to see young companies realize the economic impact and strength of relocation to Colorado.” – Matt Kaplan, Former VP of Outdoor Industry Association

“MEDC is very excited that Jonathan has chosen Montrose as the headquarters for Geyser Systems. As a primary employer, their innovative hot shower systems will be sold around the USA and eventually the world which will bring new dollars into our community and add to our economic wealth.  Geyser Systems will be a great addition to our current global manufacturing community.   The Regional and State and local collaboration and  assistance that helped bring this to fruition is an example of the quality leadership we have here on the Western Slope and in Colorado.” – Sandy Head, Executive Director of Montrose Economic Development Corporation

“The entire GAN community and I are so excited. We know that when a company like Geyser Systems comes to a town like Montrose, that company creates jobs, provides sustainable salaries for people in their community and contributes so much positive value to the city that will last for decades. Congratulations to both Geyser Systems and Montrose for this incredible news. A new, high-growth startup coming to town!” – Patrick Riley, CEO of Global Accelerator Network

“We at the ICELab in Gunnison on Colorado’s Western Slope are excited to provide resources and support for emerging companies–like Geyser Technologies–that provide meaningful innovations in the outdoor industry,” ICELab director David Assad said. “Through our Catapult Outdoor Recreation Accelerator, the ICELab connects up-and-coming businesses with guidance and mentors, and the program is a great starting point for businesses looking to relocate to one of the most adventurous parts of the country and state. Overall, the ICELab is dedicated to increasing economic prosperity in rural communities in Western Colorado.” – David Assad, Director of ICELab’s

“Our support of Geyser Systems is an investment in a bigger vision of diversifying economies in local communities like Montrose. We have been honored to work with Jonathan and his team and believe that this investment by local and state stakeholders is a big win and Montrose and Colorado.” – Dan Marshall, CEO and Founder of Carabiner Outdoors

Geyser Technologies (DBA Geyser Systems) designs and manufactures products that make the most of every drop of water. Their flagship product, Geyser System, is a hot portable shower that uses less than one gallon of water. They currently serve the outdoor gear industry and aim to serve the military, natural disaster relief, home healthcare, and outdoor gear industries.




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